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Are we the right fit for your financial future? Let's talk. 

Are we the right fit for your financial future? Let's talk. 

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You have a great life. You work hard to provide financially, and you have achieved your initial financial goals.

So what's next? Complex markets and confusing strategies can be overwhelming if you try it on your own. What you need is a guide, a trusted financial advisor helping you create a plan right for you.

At The Blackmont Group, we help you develop a comprehensive wealth guide for your goals. Whether it's investing, planning for your future, or tax solutions, we cover every aspect of a healthy financial plan. We know your financial needs change over time. That's why we use leading financial tech tools to ensure your plan adapts to your growing portfolio.

Stop wondering about your financial condition. Get your financial house in order like never before.

Discover how we help people like you. 

Discover how we help people like you. 

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Ways We Help You

Financial Planning
We create financial plans that are designed to help you establish your goals in life, determine your assets and liabilities, and evaluate your current financial position. A wide variety of factors influence the types of plans we create for you, therefore no two plans are alike.

College Planning
One concern for families looking to take control of their finances is how to save for children’s college tuition and retirement at the same time. We can help investors evaluate funding and savings options and create an education strategy tailored to your family’s needs.

Estate Planning
Many people do not just want to make their assets last a lifetime; you may want to leave a legacy for your heirs. We can assist you in articulating your estate planning needs and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs.

Retirement Planning
Many of our investors planning for retirement are focused on preserving wealth and creating an income for life. With this in mind, we develop income planning strategies tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Risk Management
Few things can erode an investor’s savings quicker than potential long-term care, long-term disability, or a premature death. With a strong background in insurance and annuities, we use our diverse experience to help investors extend their assets in ways with which they are comfortable.

Tax Planning
As important as it is to plan your investments wisely, it’s also important to understand current tax laws and how they play into your investment plan. We all have to pay taxes, which is why it may be beneficial to work with a professional who understands these complexities.

Investment Management
We believe that a diversified and flexible investment portfolio tailored to your unique situation is essential for pursuing your financial goals. Avoiding short-lived investment fads, we specialize in constructing portfolios that produce a steady yield, rather than trying to stay ahead of the market by trading aggressively. In creating a diversified investment portfolio tailored to your objectives, we seek to help investors pursue a target rate of return based on a series of suitability parameters.

Impact Investing
Impact investing centers on the principle that investors shouldn't have to support companies with values that don't align with their own. We provide investors with the high-quality information they need to make informed stewardship decisions about how to properly invest the money they feel has been entrusted to them.

Self-Directed Advisory Strategies
We equip you to be in the driver’s seat of your qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan provided by your employer. We empower you to play a more active role in the investing process, provide you with financial tech tools, teach you the basics of asset allocation, and guide you through disciplined investing.