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Self Directed Advisory Strategies

We are firm believers that you should have a clear and defined plan for your hard earned money and investments. We develop your portfolio(s) plan after you have discussed your complete financial situation and investment goals with us. We then select the investments for your portfolio based on your specific goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Using a diversified portfolio of investments, we strive to minimize your market risk while maximizing your investment returns. After the initial investments are selected, our team monitors your portfolio daily, maintaining the proper diversification and balance while attempting to keep your money in the best investment choices within the various asset classes.

What are your financial goals and how will you reach these goals? Do you have a personal investment plan? These are serious questions that often bring to light shortcomings in planning for the future. You need to determine which plan you’re going to implement and utilize to accomplish your financial goals. If you enjoy spending hours of time researching, reading prospectuses, looking over financial ratios, determining overall market conditions and economic trends, you may not need us. If you would rather spend your spare time pursuing your passions, then our program may give you that freedom.


In the simplest terms, asset allocation is the process of investing in different types of investments.


Disciplined investing does not adhere to the emotions of investing such as greed, fear, or chasing returns. Along with keeping your account diversified, using a disciplined long-term investment approach is key to obtaining consistent and sound results.


We recognize every client’s investment comfort or risk level may be different, that’s why we offer so many options within our platform. Do not be overwhelmed, your trusted adviser will help lead the way.


Our core investing principles are helping our clients understand their needs, service their needs and help them build their portfolio. 


We believe successful investing takes not only research and knowledge, but also patience and a long-term strategy.


It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You Through Your Trusted Adviser